At WAKI, we provide you with completed solutions that fits the requirements of private and public schools with the aim of digitalizing the daily school operations using seamless technologies.

Services that can be used

Image of a WAKI dashboard and smartphone as softPOS

Canteen Payments

Cashier and payments system that can be used to receive payments in the canteen through digital payment methods instead of cash, so that parents can top up and manage their children's digital wallet. The service is suitable for in-house canteens or external contractors.

Dismissal Call

Organise the student's dismissal process in a safe and smooth manner, by facilitating communication between parents and their children, and managing traffic around the school without the need to leave the car. Parents can also add an unlimited number of authorized persons to call and pick up their children through the application.


Automate the students attendance to save time and increase the effectiveness of the check-in and check-out processes and achieve continuous follow-up with parents by keeping them comprehensively informed through in-app notifications.

What do we offer you as a school?

Student Management System

Instant App Notifications

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