POS system that allows the canteen to manage and display its products, students to pay digitally, and parents to monitor securely.

Who can benefit from the service?

Canteens or schools aiming to digitalize their operations smoothly and safely. You can benefit from the canteen payments service and transform into a completely digital canteen to eliminate cash payments, manage operations through the platform, and receive payments via the available payment methods. You can register whether you are:

Canteen Operator

School In-house Canteen

School with External Canteen Contractor

Payment tokens

Face Recognition



QR Code

Bank Cards


Different sale outlets (POS - Kiosk)

Avoid change mistakes

Offering fair prices

Presenting a variety of food options

Automating tasks as part of digital transformation

Different payment methods

Mockup shows WAKI app- digital wallet

Canteen Payment Workflow

Top up your wallet and select a payment token

Set the daily limit of spending, restricted items and access levels

Pay by the available payment methods at the canteen

Pick up your order and get notified instantly

Canteen sale outlets


Self-order Kiosk

Giving students a convenient and fast ordering experience that fits the allocated time for lunch break aiming to serve the largest number of students, improve efficiency, and increase sales.


Point of Sale

Enabling students to order directly from the POS at the canteen, and show all orders made through the self-ordering kiosks to be delivered to the student along with a summary and statistics of the daily sales.


App Online Order

Enabling the parent to have a detailed view of the canteen menu items and easily select or restrict the items, all from the comfort of their home to be prepared and delivered the next day.

What do we offer?

As a canteen operator, you can manage and track all the orders, items and operations from different schools and inventories, as well as give access to your employees with specific permissions

Tracking Operations and Orders

Inventory management

Create Coupons


You can use your choice of our device or the softPOS solution that is compatible with any NFC-supported Android phone or tablet.

Image of a POS terminal that show menu

POS Device

Image of WAKI KIOSK that shows canteen menu

Self-order Kiosk

Other features ..

Instant Money Request (Sulfa)

Enables the school or canteen to create a wallet account as an emergency trust to provide loans to students when needed while ensuring that operations are recorded digitally.



Student proceeds to buy from the POS


Order amount is instantly transferred to the student's account


Parent is instantly notified with a request to transfer the amount to the trust acount

Regitser as a canteen now!