Event Organizers

Manage the financial operations of all the merchants participating in your event in an all-in-one platform that presents your data in a structured and simple manner, ensuring a clear view of the data

WAKI Event Management .. All-in-one platform to manage your operations


What do we offer?

Manage all your merchant operations

Monitor your operations at any time, track details and get reports

Fast and automatic reconciliations

Experience seamless cash flow that adapts to your store's needs

Manage your product catalogues with ease

Add products, adjust prices, and control inventory across branches

Link all your merchants to your event

Manage your events and keep track of the merchants sales and inventories across the branches

Activation requirements

Administrative Requirements

1- Freelancer certificate or commercial register

2- Bank account

3- Fill out the registration form

4- Participating merchants details

Technical Requirements

1- Android phone with version 10 or higher

2- Has a near-field communication (NFC)

3- Wi-Fi or 4G internet connection

Register as an event organizer and begin your journey!