Transform your Android mobile into a point of sale to receive all payments at the event you are participating in with ease and flexibility!

Expand to new horizons!

Because knowledge is the key to success, we empower you with a simple payment solution to generate comprehensive sales reports and manage all your transactions accurately, to easily track your sales!

Integrated solutions to manage your business effectively in one platform

Sectors benefiting from the service

What do we offer?

Manage all your operations

Monitor your operations at any time, track details and get reports

Fast auto reconciliation!

Experience seamless cash flow that adapts to your store's needs

Manage your product catalogues with ease

Add products, adjust prices, and control inventory across branches

Link all your merchants to your event

Manage your events and keep track of the merchants sales and inventories across the branches

Activation requirements

Administrative Requirements

1- Freelancer certificate or commercial register

2- Bank account

3- Fill out the registration form

Technical Requirements

1- Android phone with version 10 or higher

2- Has a near-field communication (NFC)

3- Wi-Fi or 4G internet connection

Customer support

Our team is available around the clock to help you start your journey with WAKI. Our team will prepare you with uploading all your products and menus to the system and adding product images and prices to your account for free!​

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