Coupons Conditions

Coupons Conditions

When you purchase any coupon through WAKI App, you agree by default that you are legally authorized to make the purchase, and you have the legal right to use the app and our other sites, and you agree to purchase the coupon for personal, non-commercial use.

All coupons presented at WAKI App belong to the businesses that display their products/services in WAKI App. Accordingly, we advise you to choose carefully and surely when purchasing from our application that the coupon suits and matches your needs, schedule, timing, and details of obtaining the benefit from it.

We – at WAKI App – are not responsible for the quality of the products/services provided by the businesses. They are directly responsible and accountable for the quality of the services or products. You can file a complaint against businesses by contacting WAKI’s customer service, which is available 24/7, through the application (Contact us), or by emailing us at (

Redeem and refund Coupon

WAKI App allows businesses to create, publish their products/services, and give us a permission to collect money from customers on behalf of them. Still, businesses as products/services providers are responsible for providing services/products, not WAKI App. WAKI doesn’t guarantee the quality, delivery, and quantity of the products/service provided. The value of the coupon cannot be refunded or exchanged once purchased for any reason.

Delivery Policy:

The coupon doesn’t need to be delivered or printed by you, as WAKI App shows the coupon discount directly to your cart.

Coupon Content:

WAKI is not responsible for the coupon content, but some coupons are subject to editable based on user reviews and ratings provided to WAKI.


WAKI App has the right to modify the terms of this contract from time to time. These modifications will be posted on the site and will be activated automatically. The conditions of the new coupon will be automatically considered to have been accepted when you use the site or use any of the information on the site after any changes to these terms.

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