Being around ...

A cashless society with seamless technology securely connecting families and businesses.

Why do you need WAKI?

The field of education is in a constant state of flux. We are being around to help schools adapt to change, giving them the power to evolve and thrive in the new environment in which they find themselves.

What WAKI does?

WAKI removes all paper works and cash handling. The system generates attendance sheets, regulating the timing, avoiding unavailability of small bills, counting cash and saving school staff hours.

Is WAKI available at my school?

WAKI is currently only available at a select few schools and we're working hard with our invite only schools and parents to build the best product possible. If you'd like WAKI to be around at your school, please leave your details here.

Being around ...

We'd love to hear from you! We're just getting started over here at WAKI and are eager to learn more about the daily challenges faced by parents and schools. You can reach us by simply tapping here. You can also check out our FAQ here!


Canteen Payments​

We are available to be next to manage the daily payments of canteen. Many alternatives for you and parents to control this service.

Attendance Records

We can set up and maintain your daily student attendance record, and options to regulate the rules based on the student class.

Dismissal Call

We provide a smooth way for the dismissal of students. Various processes are available that guarantee security and speed of dismissal.


Dual Languages

Instant Notifications

Interactive Reports

Card\wristband Options

Family Control

Digital Cards