A platform that connects students, parents, schools, and canteens through fintech solutions aiming for a cashless society. 

Students, parents, schools, and canteens may use WAKI to automate the daily tasks such as buying from the canteen, attendance records and dismissal call.

Creating accounts is completely free with no additional fees imposed on the parents.
Creating accounts will be done through the school management and the parents will receive an SMS containing the credentials.
After signing in to WAKI App, you will find all your children added. If any child has not been added, please contact us.
You may contact us to resend you the SMS with the sign in credentials.
You can top up your wallet through WAKI App by transferring from your MADA or ApplePay MADA bank account.

No, you can contact us to change the school and the money will remain in your wallet.

You may change it from WAKI App.

WAKI has two unique access levels.

Lite Access:

  •  The child would be able to sign in to the app using his/her own email address and view their canteen orders.

Full Access (recommended for students in secondary schools):

  • The child would be able to top-up their wallet, transfer money, and refund (Complete money management features).
  • The child will be able to place online orders and walk-in orders without being restricted by the daily limit of spending.
  • The child will be able to view and manage the financial transactions.
  • The child will be able to purchase from the digital card market.

There is no need to transfer and the child may buy directly using the parent’s wallet within the daily limit of spending. However, you can transfer to your full access dependent.

Yes, currently your wallet balance cannot exceed 2000 SAR.
Yes, the minimum funding amount is 20 SAR and we always suggest you add money suitable for your child’s needs during the semester.
At WAKI, any amount added to the wallet belongs fully to the user. Accordingly, WAKI does not ask for or receive any additional or hidden fees when funding or refunding the wallet.

The child’s school is set by WAKI through the school’s management and you can change it by contacting us.

The currently available payment methods are cards and wristbands.

You can order a replacement from WAKI app.

The refund (transfer) process may take up to 10 business days.

If you are interested in having WAKI App at your son/daughter’s school, please fill out this form.
Canteen Payments
The Canteen Payments service automates the canteen management system for the canteen supplier and enables the student to buy from the canteen using a card or a wristband.

Through WAKI App, you can track the order details in detail.

The parent can issue a WAKI plastic card or a wristband to each child through WAKI App which the child can use to pay in the canteen.

You will get a notification through WAKI app for every order placed at the canteen.

You will get a notification through WAKI app when your child tries to buy and your balance is not enough.

Yes, you can restrict items that you would not like your child to consume.

This feature enables the guardians to place online orders from the school canteen for their children for the next 5 days. It is only active in the canteens that enabled the feature.

Yes, you can change the daily limit of spending from WAKI App.

Attendance Records

The Attendance Records service enables automatic attendance and exit from school.

If the school has an Attendance Records service, you can monitor the record through WAKI App.

Dismissal Call
The Dismissal Call service enables parents to call their children digitally through WAKI App and the screens in the schools.

As a parent, you can use the service if and only if the school has it.

The service enables the guardian to call out students from WAKI app digitally, facilitating the students’ dismissal from school and ensuring that only authorised guardians can pick up their children. The called student’s name shows up on the screens in schools.

WAKI app has a feature to allow parents to add an unlimited amount of authorised persons that are allowed to pick up their children. 

Yes, you may view all the records from WAKI app.

Digital Cards Market
The Digital Cards Market has a large selection of digital card stores for WAKI App users.
We would love to hear your suggestions. Please contact us.
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