A cloud platform that enables students, parents and schools to manage services through various solutions such as a digital wallet and attendance service.

Students, parents, schools and canteens can use WAKI’s solutions, where students and parents can enjoy buying school meals in advance to prepare them appropriately, and they can also set the daily spend limit of their son/daughter for direct purchases from the canteen. They can also monitor the attendance records of their son/daughter in instant. The schools and canteens can track easily the purchases of students and their attendance.

Absolutely, there is no fee, but we advise not to open an account unless the provided services are available at your son/daughter's school.

Sign-up is available to parents only, by downloading the application from any applications store. Then following the registration procedures to create your account.

After creating your account as a parent, you can create a sub-account for your son/daughter through which he/she can be granted access to a special account for them.

You can fund via Mada card (or Apple Pay Made for iPhone users) by depositing the amount via the wallet menu. It will be funded directly in your wallet.

Don't waste your time with more steps. Your son/daughter can buy directly from your wallet balance according to the daily spend limit to him/her.

Yes, currently your wallet balance cannot exceed 2000 SAR.

No, any amount less than 2,000 SAR be added, and we always recommend you estimate the full amount for all sons/daughters on a semester basis.

We - at WAKI - consider that any amount funded to the wallet is the right of the user. According to that, WAKI does not receive any additional/hidden amounts on finding/refunding the balance.

Yes, through the dependent's account setting. Be aware that changing the daily spend limit affects the value of the son/daughter's purchases.

You can specify your son/daughter's school through your son/daughter's account setting by adding its school number. Later, you can change it surely.

Always, we assure parents to add the updated school number correctly. Adding a wrong school number could affect the son/daughter's benefit from all the services provided.

Through WAKI App, you can track the order details in detail.

The parent can issue a WAKI plastic card to each son/daughter through the application, and the son/daughter can purchase by.

In order to ensure security and efficiency, we don't offer any unsafe ways to purchase meals. In case of losing a card, parents can directly disable the card. We suggest that the school or the teacher buy a meal for that day and the parent can transfer the amount through the app.

If the school has an attendance service, you can monitor the record through the application.

The refund (transfer) process may take up to 3 business days.

We're so sorry. Now, we work hard with schools and parents to advocate the best product possible. If you are interested in having WAKI App at your son/daughter's school, please fill this form.