Canteen Solutions


It provides integrated point of sale solutions that enable canteens to manage and display their products, allowing students to purchase through their parents’ digital wallets.
This enables parents to manage their children’s account and monitor them continuously

No Cash!
Ability to restrict items
Control and monitor student purchases in the canteen

How are canteen operations going?

Fund an amount in the wallet
Then he activates the payment methods for the student, and sets the daily limit for disbursement
The student goes to the canteen to choose the products and pay via one of the payment methods, and then receives the order
Guardian will receive instant notifications of the details of the purchase

How do you benefit from canteen payments?

  • Dispense with paper and coins or fear of losing them.
  • Providing the student with the choice of appropriate products.
  • Receive immediate notifications of student operations.
  • Possibility of managing expenses; By setting the daily exchange limit and managing the wallet.
  • Promote financial awareness.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Providing different sales methods (points of sale – self-order)
  • Offer fair prices
  • Variety of meals provided
  • Follow up on student operations
  • Automating processes and participating in the digital transformation process
  • Continuous interaction between the school and the parent by sending notifications through the application.
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